Our Approach

We believe that training, counselling and coaching work particularly well when 

  • we do not think in terms of events, but in terms of processes, and thus the attention span on development is extended
  • we work with our participants / coachees in an experience-oriented way
    (instead of always being results-oriented)
  • things are visualised effectively and the participants are activated through discussion and reflection 

That's why we like to think in terms of learning journeys rather than individual trainings.
And we like to use gamification elements. 

Learning Journeys

In learning journeys, unlike in individual events, we can realise real development that goes far beyond imparting knowledge and a few exercises to go with it. 

Through a sensible alternation between theory input (e.g. in the form of learning videos, which we make available via an LMS), exercises (in face-to-face seminars or also online) as well as reflection impulses, you will achieve measurably more! 

Feel free to book an appointment to discuss your needs! 


Learning with gamification elements ensures that you can try out newly acquired skills in a protected setting. After all, pilots do not learn in an aeroplane, but in a simulator! Anything else would be negligent! 

Besides, it's really fun to learn through play - even for those who are rather sceptical at first. 

Visit trans4motion games for an insight into our playful approaches to training, consulting and coaching! 

trans4motion und Actee

Since Actee has been on the market in Germany, we have been there as certified consultants from the very beginning and as a strategic partner of Actee.

We have many years of experience with all Actee products: 

  • Facilitation of trainings and workshops, both physically in presence (with game boards and online simulations) and purely virtually 
  • We use all of Actee's simulation concepts:
    • Cycle Games (previously ActeeChange) 
    • Barometer Games (previously ActeeLeadership) 
    • Bubble Games (previously ActeeCommunication) 
    • Card Games (previously StyleTrade)
    • Quiz 
  • We use all the Actee tools:
    • Change Live 
    • Change Meter 
  • We develop customised simulations on the Actee platform 

So we are Actee "full-range" suppliers 

If you are interested in an Actee certification yourself: We offer certification training for inhouse-consultants or change teams in companies on behalf of Actee. 

And we go beyond that: 

In addition to the certification training, we offer Master Classes, e.g. for workshop design, deepening and applying theories and models, and designing individualised simulations.  

Feel free to contact us if you would like to find out more about our Actee range. 

We love to hear from you!

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