Training Change Manager & Change Agents

The training of change managers and change agents is an important concern for us. We have developed a comprehensive programme that includes certification as an Actee consultant. 

Contents and dates are available on request. 
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Seminars and workshops for certified Actee consultants

We have been Actee partners in Germany from the very beginning and have been carrying out certifications on behalf of Actee for many years, both for trainers and consultants as well as for in-house consultants. 
Dates for certifications can be found on the page

These seminars and workshops take place irregularly. If you are interested, please feel free to use the contact button "Email to". Keyword: Actee workshops. 

The contents are available for download. (currently German only) 

Master Classes

The theories and models behind the Actee simulations

  • Learn in detail the key theories behind the most commonly played Actee Games.
  • Understand the connections between the theories and structure of Actee games. Design workshops based on a profound knowledge of the underlying models.
  • This seminar is also available as "self-controlled learning"! 

Facilitating trainings and workshops with Actee simulations and tools

  • Learn to use the Actee platform in a goal-oriented way in different contexts. 
  • You will be able to successfully design and deliver trainings and workshops with Actee elements, in presence and online. 
  • You will activate your participants and generate high engagement as well as profound insights. 
  • We include Actee Cycle Games and Barometer Games, as well as all other tools from the Actee platform.
  • During the workshop, we jointly develop workshop designs that are immediately applicable for the participants. 

Game Builder

  • Learn to create your own games using the Actee platform in a dynamic and interactive workshop.
  • The aim is to develop a game together that all participants can use afterwards.

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