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Having "know-how" means knowing a lot, knowing methods and tools. That is no longer enough today.

We care that "know how" becomes "can do" and finally "act different" - because it is not about being able to do something in principle but about applying it regularly.

We support organisations in transformations to achieve ambitious goals by developing actual action competence.

For us, that means: act different.


trans4motion was founded by
Frank Franke, Thomas Frühwein und Kerstin Franke


brings 15 years of consulting and training experience in the field of healthy corporate culture and vital leadership to the team. As a trained coach, she supports both medium-sized businesses and large corporations in remaining agile for change. With a lot of heart, charm and competence, she empowers people to take on responsibility. She gets new inspiration and strength from running and meditating.


has been working for more than 15 years in various countries to align strategy and behaviour in organisations and to anchor them in a strong culture. His attitude has been shaped by intensive years in medium-sized businesses, corporations and consultancies. He gets excited when organisations start to take their destiny into their own hands. His passions are mountaineering and Qigong.


is an experienced trainer, consultant and coach. He brings almost 20 years of experience from medium-sized businesses as well as large corporations. He works in a results-oriented and pragmatic way and loves to bring theoretical models to life and apply them practically. He is driven by developing people and cultures in addition to strategies and structures. In his private life, he enjoys music and yoga.

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We work internationally and multilingually

We have access to a network of experts who are carefully selected and whom we deploy on a topic-specific basis. 

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Our network includes consultants in Germany and other European countries. 

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Customer Voices

"When I decided to have Mr Franke accompany me through a change process in 2019, I wanted to do it "well before fast". In retrospect, we are very happy that we went through our change with a series of trainings and workshops with Mr Franke. Without the change competence we acquired on the one hand and the new mindset in the organisation on the other, we would not have survived the subsequent Corona period so well! These good experiences have prompted me to recommend to one of our teams that they have him accompany the necessary changes again this year.

Jörg Haverkamp, Regionalleiter Bremen und Niedersachen, Ferchau GmbH

"After the workshop with Mr Franke, we have made good progress with the topic. All employees are informed about our plans. First in personal information rounds - because of Corona in small groups by the respective managers. Then in writing and as of today we have regular online information events in which the management informs about the reasons and goals of the change as well as the current status and progress. So far, the feedback from the staff has been positive and approving, so I see us on a good path. We do not need any more support at the moment, as we are all in the same boat. Thanks again to Mr Franke, who has supported us well and given us important advice." 

Gerd Stemman, Hawesko

"We were faced with the almost insoluble task of transforming the entire company from a technically oriented organisation into a customer-oriented organisation.

Then I remembered my participation in the seminar "ActeeChange" and was able to quickly inspire our management team for a guided setup of our change with Mr. Frank Franke.

This helped us a lot to understand the essential phases and needs in change and to get all stakeholders on board accordingly and keep them there.

With the result that two years later we can't imagine working in any other way than customer-oriented."

Torsten Krug, Standortleiter

"trans4motion's change management workshops with Actee's online simulation have ensured that we have a common understanding of the challenges of change processes and speak a common language on the subject of change. Getting people on board, dealing with resistance, but above all the more conscious use of management and leadership have been well consolidated through the game-based learning. It was very enriching that trans4motion developed a scenario specifically tailored to us for the simulation. Many thanks for the facilitation of these lively and sustainable workshops."

Carla Ujma, Führungskräfteentwicklung, Steag GmbH


"Great training with depth. Even as a change expert, there are always new aspects that I was able to take away. The appreciative way of dealing with the participants helps to create a pleasant and good learning atmosphere. Thank you very much!" 

The appreciative way of dealing with the participants helps to create a pleasant and good learning atmosphere. Thank you very much!"

Ines Sauter, Head of Change & Culture, The Berner Group

"Thank you for the great workshop and materials. I found the structure and the game wonderful. It was a great way to apply the theory myself and gain important insights from it. I am looking forward to part 2!"

Katharina Gillmann, Visable 

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